How to protect a brand ?

You are a startup

Young company, who knows better what the value of your imagination is and how important it is to protect it?
Griffes Consulting SA has previously guided several thousands of inventors and startups along this wonderful journey of creation and creativity, in order to safeguard their rights.

A trade mark registration is a title deed issued mainly for the “word”, name, slogan or design used to refer to your product / service. This trade mark must be sufficiently distinctive in order to be deposited, respecting certain legal criteria. 

As a trade mark registration holder, you can prohibit any third parties from using your trade mark without your consent.

Registering a trade mark protects you for products and services in the countries where the trade mark is registered. The trade mark registration, like a title deed, can be sold, granted or subject to a licence agreement.

Researching availability is a key step in protecting your trade mark.

Before taking any registration action, Griffes Consulting puts the expertise of its legal experts and lawyers at your service, on the one hand, to determine if you are free to use your trade mark, and on the other, if it is relevant to launch or pursue filing your trade mark.

Researching availability is a specialist subject, since in addition to identifying near-similar or identical trade marks, our experts’ interpretation will save you from unnecessary filing fees or other legal expenses (procedure fees or other) in the event of litigation with a third-party holder of an earlier trade mark. 

Our experts will advise you on the type of research and its geographical scope:
- Identical research
- Similarity research 

Griffes Consulting SA establishes the strategy and defines the registration budget of all your trademark rights in Switzerland, Europe and internationally thanks to its network of qualified partners.

Our legal experts and lawyers provide their expertise, knowledge and attention to successfully carry out this crucial step in creating your portfolio of rights: brands, patents, design, domain names and copyrights.

To protect your rights, Griffes Consulting SA manages all your Intellectual Property proceedings thanks to a network of more than 150 expert offices worldwide.

Your rights are also available and can managed from your private and secure space: Portfolio Online™

Whatever your intellectual property right (brand, industrial designs, patents or copyrights) and its geographical area of application may be, we manage your portfolio, its renewal deadlines and all procedures necessary to maintain and update it.

The Griffes Consulting SA on-line platform is available to you 24/24, for secure access to all your rights and ongoing proceedings, on Portfolio Online™. From registering your rights and throughout their lifetime, it is important to monitor their legal and commercial ecosystems. Your competitors may attempt to seize your rights or create confusion by registering similar rights.

Our monitoring consists of :
- Detecting potential infringements of your rights by any new third-party registration
- Putting in place a targeted Technology Watch
Investigating trade shows
Monitoring certain market players (economic intelligence)
- Investigating the use of brand names.

During an infringement of your right by a third-party registration, our lawyers will assist you, alongside competent organisations, Intellectual Property offices and tribunals, in filing an opposition.

The holder of an earlier trade mark may oppose any new registration through an administrative procedure. We offer the necessary and appropriate means to ensure your rights are respected and valued. Whether this is through an amicable settlement or implementing legal proceedings and custom’s seizures if necessary.