About us

A bit of history

La Parte Veneziana

It is in 1474 that Venice adopted the "Parte Veneziana", a Legislation that specifically granted an exclusive right of exploitation of ten years to whoever introduced a "new and ingenious invention never realized previously in the territory of the city". This historic text is nowadays considered to be the ancestor of modern patent laws. Issuing Letters Patent proved to be advantageous and spread gradually in Europe, especially in England in many fields such as mining, metallurgy, textiles and glassware ... where they served to import knowledge specific to "the advancement of trade".

This notion of economic development has changed and evolved over the centuries to give rise to what we know and protect today under the paradigm "enhancement of our intangible heritage".

Griffes Consulting SA

Since 1987, GRIFFES Consulting SA, a legal practice specialized in intellectual property (IP), has been assisting its clients in the protection of their intangible assets: trademarks, patents, designs and models or copyright. Our firm and its 35 employees advise you - be you a multinational, family company, start-up or independent designer - in the protection of your rights and the valuation of your intangible heritage.

As pioneer in innovative aspects, and a leading IP firm in the watchmaking and jewellery industry, GRIFFES Consulting SA is recognized in Switzerland and abroad for providing innovative legal and business solutions.

Since 1987, we have gained the confidence of thousand clients.

Our values

  • DNA

    Our DNA is to advise you in a personalized way. Each file is treated in close collaboration with you. Each service is documented and explained. All projects are approached with a strategy, a methodology, a precise budget and a calendar. No action is taken without conciliation and decision on your part.

  • Availability

    Every client of Griffes Consulting SA is a preferred client. We can be reached at any time to provide you with a solution. We will also come to your home or office, to get to know you better and to understand your expectations. We immerse ourselves in your activity to bring you the best solutions for the protection of your intellectual heritage.

  • Performance

    By protecting your ideas, managing your portfolio of rights and taking advice in Intellectual Property with Griffes Consulting SA, you will acquire the means to perform well in your sector of activity. We are not limited to advising you on strictly legal issues. Our long experience and 360o vision, combined with know-how and recognized skills in engineering, digital marketing and prior art searches, guarantee a professional and personalized management of your portfolio of rights.

  • Innovation

    Innovation is a major driving force at Griffes Consulting SA, just as for you. We are the only legal practice in the world specialized in intellectual property matters (IP) to have designed and installed a functional design analysis software covering more than 500,000 watch and jewellery references. We can compare dozens or hundreds of models with an element of interest, for example a watch hand shape, the shape of a box or the presence of decorative elements on a watch dial.